Basic Kitchen Equipment

All the basic gear, cookware, knives, and tools you need to properly stock a kitchen, none of the junk you don't.
a HydroFlask and a Yeti water bottle side-by-side on a marble surface
Hydro Flask vs. Yeti Water Bottles: Which One Should You Buy?
Minced carrots in a food processor bowl
Food Processor vs. Blender: What's the Difference?
A person using an offset spatula to frost a cake on a cake stand
Why an Offset Spatula Is the Tool I Can’t Bake Without
7 squeeze bottles lined up in front of white tiles.
We Tested 7 Squeeze Bottles to Find the Best for Your Kitchen
Multiple Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles
We Tested 9 Olive Oil Dispensers—Here Are Our Favorites
lineup of carbon steel skillets on a white surface
We Tested 13 Carbon Steel Pans—Three Stood Out
eight different miniature whisks on a marble background
We Tested 8 Mini Whisks And Came Away with Three Favorites
four Anyday cookware dishes of varying sizes on a blue countertop
We Reviewed Anyday Cookware: Are the Microwavable Dishes Worthwhile?
A group of vegetable peelers on a grey surface
We Tested 14 Popular Vegetable Peelers to Find the Best Ones
A person walking across a stripped anti-fatigue mat on a kitchen floor
We Tested 7 Anti-Fatigue Mats—Here Are the Best Ones for Your Kitchen
baked cookies on a piece of parchment paper on a sheet pan.
Sheet Pans Aren't Cookie Sheets: A Baking Sheet Explainer
a small fine mesh strainer drains hot peppers of their oil
Why A Small Fine Mesh Strainer Is Incredibly Versatile
a collection of 12 different garlic presses on a counter
We Tested 12 Garlic Presses—Two Smashed the Competition
best steamer baskets horizontal lead
We Tested 10 Steamer Baskets—Here Are the Best Ones
nonstick sheet pans stacked on each other on a marble countertop
We Tested 11 Nonstick Sheet Pans to Find the Best Ones
A stack of carving boards on a marble surface
We Tested 8 Carving Boards—Here Are the Best Ones for Roasts, Turkeys, and More
a variety of kitchen tools and utensils on a blue surface
The Best Utensil Set Is No Utensil Set
pie pans stacked together on a blue countertop with black backdrop
We Baked Loads of Pies to Find the Best Pie Pans
An uncooked roast surrounded by potatoes and fennel and situated in a roasting pan
Why the Misen Roasting Pan Is the Exception to Our No-Roasting Pan Rule
a variety of Japanese style chefs knives
What's the Difference Between Western and Japanese Chef's Knives?
several food storage containers on a marble surface
We Tested 10 Food Storage Containers—These Are Our Favorites
the lineup of water filter pitchers on a blue countertop
We Tested 7 Water Filter Pitchers—Two Stood Out
a vitamix blender on a marble surface
The Best Vitamix Sales
bowl scraper lineup on a marble countertop
We Tested 10 Bowl Scrapers to Find the Best Ones
two stacks of various nonstick skillets against a white background
We Tested 16 Nonstick Skillets and Still Don't Think You Should Spend a Ton on One
a bunch of dish racks against a white background and on a wooden countertop
We Tested 13 Dish Racks—Our Favorites Make Drying Dishes Easy
grill pans on a marble countertop
We Tested 7 Grill Pans—Our Favorites Got Top Marks
our lineup of offset turners on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Offset Turners—These Are Our Favorites
reusable storage bags on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Reusable Food Storage Bags—Two Were Our Favorites
Ladles on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Ladles—Three Scooped the Winning Title
a group of silicone spatulas on a marble surface
We Tested 7 Silicone Spatulas to Find the Best Ones for Scraping, Stirring, and Mixing
a stack of half sheet pans
After Testing 7 Half Sheet Baking Pans, We Found 2 Solid Picks
A stack of wire cooling racks
We Tested 8 Wire Cooling Racks to Find Our Favorite Model
an overhead shot of a number of colanders on a wooden surface
We Tested 8 Colanders—Here Are Our 2 Favorites (for Pasta, Produce, and More)
OXO Turner Spatula on a wooden cutting board
Why I Love My Offset Lasagna Turner Spatula
eight bench scrapers on a marble backdrop
We Tested 8 Bench Scrapers—These Two Were a Cut Above the Rest
Seven stainless steel water bottles on a grey surface
We Tested 7 Stainless Steel Water Bottles to Find the Best Ones for Everyday Use
12 ballon whisks laid out in a semi circle on a piece of grey slate
We Tested 10 Balloon Whisks—Two Whisked Their Way to Victory
five fine mesh strainers on a marble countertop
We Tested 8 Fine-Mesh Strainers—These Are Our Favorites
a variety of rasp-style graters on a wooden countertop
We Tested 12 Microplanes (Rasp-Style Graters)–Here Are the Best Ones
a bunch of instant-read thermometers on a marble countertop
We Tested 18 Instant-Read Thermometers–Here Are Our Favorite Models
two cambros stacked on top of one another
Why You Need Cambros in Your Kitchen
a smoothie being blended in the Vitamix 5200 blender
Which Vitamix Blender Should You Buy? We Compared (Almost) All of Them
a group of potato mashers against a white background
We Tested 10 Potato Mashers—Here Are The Best Ones
A Swedish dishcloth underneath a running faucet
In Our Kitchen, the Swedish Dishcloth Reigns Supreme
five sauciers stacked on top of one another
We Tested Sauciers—Here Are Our Favorite Models
Bonavita and Mr. Coffee coffee makers
We Tested Coffee Makers That Cost $150 (or Less)—Here Are Our Favorites
Cast iron and carbon steel cookware, plus enameled cast iron Dutch ovens
The Best Kitchen Gear We Bought in 2022
Best Oven Mitts
We Tested 14 Oven Mitts and Pot Holders to Find the Best Ones
Popsicles with popsicle molds
We Tested Popsicle Molds to Find the Best Ones for Icy Treats
a group of paper towel alternative products
The Best Paper Towel Alternatives
an oxo mini measuring cup being used to pour liquid into a pot of cooking stew
In Praise of Mini Measuring Cups
The Essential Tools You Need for Fermentation at Home
Rulers for your kitchen
The Best Kitchen Rulers To Have On Hand
A close-up of an end-grain board
The 4 Best Wooden Cutting Boards, According to Our Tests
Box grater on a cutting board flanked by a rind of cheese and foregrounded by a pile of shredded cheese
The Best Box Graters, According to Our Tests
We Tested 12 Pairs of Kitchen Shears to Find the Best Ones
We Tested More Than 20 Pepper Mills—Here Are The Best Ones