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pouring oat milk from the miroco frother
Our Winning Milk Frother Is Finally Back in Stock—And It's On Sale
a knife being sharpened with a ceramic honing steel
Honing Versus Sharpening a Knife: What's the Difference?
An air fryer basket containing fries
How Do Air Fryers Compare to Convection Ovens?
a collage of four items (bowls, a skillet, wine glasses, a knife) on a colorful background
14 Last-Minute, Food-Related Valentine’s Day Gifts
a lomi composter on a marble surface
Lomi Composter Review: Here’s Whether It’s Worth It (or Not)
Gif of the Serious Eats team's spice cabinets
Spice World: A Look Inside the Serious Eats Team's Spice Cabinets
golden brown tater tots
19 Sides to Go With Wings
A collage of different shoes on a colorful background
The Best Kitchen Shoes, According to the Serious Eats Team
cooked fries in an air fryer basket with a hand pulling the basket out midway
How Do Air Fryers Work?
Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid
Is the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid a Good Air Fryer?
12 Spicy Snacks That Bring the Heat
a group of glass wine decanters on a wooden surface
We Tested 13 Wine Decanters and Came Away with 2 Favorites
16 Easy Noodle Recipes for a Quick Meal Any Time of Day
Loaves on a baking stone in an oven
All of the Tools You Need to Make Really Great Baguettes at Home
lineup of carbon steel skillets on a white surface
We Tested 13 Carbon Steel Pans—Three Stood Out
pouring out coffee grounds from the baratza virtuoso+
Why We Think Baratza Grinders Are worth the Money (Including Two That Are on Sale)
eight different miniature whisks on a marble background
We Tested 8 Mini Whisks And Came Away with Three Favorites
Overhead view of moin moin, unwrapped and wrapped, and in ramekins
Moin Moin (Nigerian Steamed Bean Cake)
Overhead view of a fork of moussaka on a plate
18 Date-Night Recipes for a Cozy Meal at Home
Bundt pans
We Tested 11 Different Bundt Pans—Three Won Top Marks
Overhead view of bibimbap
Homestyle Bibimbap
A person scrubs the interior of a dutch oven with dish soap, water, and a sponge.
How to Deep-Clean Your Dutch Oven (and Keep It Looking Like New)
an espresso machine with a built-in grinder sits on a counter in front of a tiled wall
The Breville Barista Express Impress Makes Home Espresso Approachable
overhead shot of bento boxes
We Reviewed 11 Bento Boxes to Find One We’d Pack Lunch In
Overhead view of shish kebabs on pita on a plate
Khorovats (Armenian Shish Kebabs)
A group of vegetable peelers on a grey surface
We Tested 14 Popular Vegetable Peelers to Find the Best Ones
Overhead view of efro stew
Efo Riro (Nigerian Stewed Greens)
A wide-angle shot of a Nespresso machine brewing into a mug with a milk frother beside it
Nespresso vs. Keurig: Which Coffee Maker is Better?
13 nakiri knives on a marble countertop
We Tested 13 Nakiri Knives—Three Sliced Through the Competition
Overhead view of Malloreddus alla Campidanese in a white bowl on a titled background with pink floruishes surrounded by the pot and two wine glasses
Malloreddus Alla Campidanese (Sardinian Ridged Pasta With Saffron and Pork Ragù)
Overhead view of losh kebabs on pita on a white plate on a nicely textured, striped fabric
Losh Kebabs (Armenian Grilled Meat Patties)
A hand with an oven mitt pulling a baking stone with a pizza on it out of the oven
Baking Steels vs. Stones: Which One Should You Buy?
Overhead view of puntarelle salad on a colorful stripped background
Puntarelle Alla Romana (Puntarelle Salad With Anchovy and Garlic Dressing)
A glass of cold brew with a container of cold brew concentrate behind it
What’s the Deal With Instant Cold Brew Makers?
A white ceramic dish holding pan-roasted chicken and vegetables in jus.
21 Recipes to Make With Your Newly Gifted Gear
One hand holding the lid of a coffee container and the other holding the body of the container
Should You Be Storing Coffee in a Coffee Canister?
Overhead view of roasted butternut squash in a bowl
How to Roast Butternut Squash
A round bread loaf in a parchment paper sling sitting in the shallow base of a cast iron combo cooker
We Reviewed 3 Cast Iron Bread Ovens and Recommend All of Them
four Anyday cookware dishes of varying sizes on a blue countertop
We Reviewed Anyday Cookware: Are the Microwavable Dishes Worthwhile?
A Balmuda Toaster oven on a wooden countertop
Balmuda: Our Review of the Pretty, Steam-Powered Toaster
end of year roundup
Back of the House: Meet Our 2022 Contributors
Gif of Serious Eats' favorite art of 2022
Our Favorite Images of 2022
Gif of our favorite features of 2022
Our Favorite Features of 2022
Gif of Serious Eats' most popular recipes of 2022
The Most Popular Serious Eats Recipes of 2022
Gif of Serious Eats staff favorite recipes of 2022
Our Favorite Recipes of 2022
Overhead view of madeleines in box
Overhead view of Fake nudja
Fake 'Nduja
a collage of different products (a vacuum sealer, a wok, a pizza oven, a coffee maker, a sous vide machine) on a colorful background
The Best New Year's Kitchen Sales
A colorful and dense illustration of a festive cuban pig roast in Miami
A Vegetarian's Christmas Eve Pig Roast
overhead view of a cake
13 Make-Ahead Desserts for the Holidays
Breville oven with black background
Is Breville’s New Joule Air Fryer Toaster Oven Worth Buying?
three keurigs on a stainless steel tabletops
How Do Keurig Coffee Makers Work, Anyways?
a stack of enameled cast iron skillets in multiple colors
We Tested 8 Enameled Cast Iron Skillets and Found Three Great Options
A single jar of vanilla extract
How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract
A spinn coffee maker brewing coffee over ice
The Spinn Coffee Maker Is One of the Only Automated Brewers We Like
three winning ice makers on a wooden countertop with a white wall behind them.
We Tested 8 Countertop Ice Makers—Three Stood Out
Overhead view of ka'ak al quds
Ka'ak al Quds